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Personal Loans

Personal and Micro Financing

  • Utilities Payments
  • Medical Expenses
  • Payday Loans
  • Home Improvements
Frequently Asked Questions

Torpedo Loan offers amazingly low interest rates and flexible repayment options. To apply for a loan all you need to do is click here or "APPLY NOW" in the menu, pay the application fee and then Fill out all the applicable information. We will then reach out to you if you qualify for the next step to visit our friendly staff at any one of our Islandwide branches. Bring along your:

  • TRN
  • ID
  • Photograph of yourself 

We offer two processing options, 2-3 days processing for $5,000 and 5-7days processing for $1000. once your loan is processed you will be immediately contacted by one our representative to update you on your loan status

Why should I choose Torpedo Loans for my Personal loan?

How long can I get to repay my personal loan?

What are the requirements to get a personal loan?

What documentation is required to apply for a personal loan?

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How to make loan payments ?

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Do I need to visit a branch to finalize a loan?

Hear from our Happy Customers

Every job is a self portrait of the person who does it. With that said I must commend the Old Harbour branch staff members for the quality services, that they continue to deliver. I raise my hat to the cashier Miss Williams who continues to do a tremendous job, and salute Mr Wollery and Miss Harris for their dedication to the job. Continue to autograph your work with excellence

Loveable Ajmomo

I went in and did a little interview, 3 days later I got a call to come collect my loan. it was as easy as that. Thumbs up to the Portmore staff for the great customer service

Laci-Ann Cole

I am a customer at the Black River Branch and I'm telling you trust mi I've been doing business with them for almost a year. A love them so till torpedo best loan place ever and also I love staff members they are loving

Cynthia Miller

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